Public Health

Department Description:

Public Health works to promote, protect and preserve the highest level of health and wellness for all residents of Le Sueur County. The six essential local activities include:

  Cindy Shaughnessy

Contact Information:
  Le Sueur County Public Health
  88 South Park Ave.
  Le Center, MN 56057
  Phone(507) 357-8246
  Fax(507) 357-4223

MDH Ebola Fact Sheet

  MDH Ebola FAQ

  MDH Ebola Information Line - phone number

  CDC Ebola Information

  Public Health Logo Video

  Public Health saves lives and saves money

  American Public Health Association - Environment, Health and You video

  2014 Le Sueur County Demographic and Economic Profile

  Community Health Assessment 2014

  Medicare Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training

  Notice of Privacy Practices

Programs and Services:
  Community Health

  Family Health
      Child and Teen Checkups
      Community Resources for Families
      Family Home Visiting
      Family Planning
      Follow Along
      Immunization Clinics
      Prenatal Care/Education
      School Health
      WIC Information

      Influenza Vaccine

Public Health ordered all Quadrivalent Influenza Virus Vaccine this year which offers protection against four strains of the flu. We will continue to schedule flu shot clinics throughout October as our vaccine supplies are shipped.

  Home Health Care

  Waivered Services
      Long Term Care Consultation
      Resources for Disabled Individuals and Senior Adults
      Service Coordination
      Continuing Care Service Rate Limits Effective July 1, 2014

  Public Health Emergency Preparedness

SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Program):
  Video: Why SHIP?

After Hours Contact Information: If you are ill, see your health care provider. To report an emergency, call 911. If you are a physician calling to report an infectious disease, please call 651-201-5414 or 1-877-676-5414.

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