Department Description:

The County Assessor is appointed by the Le Sueur County Commissioners for a four-year period. The Assessor's Office is responsible for the assessment of all real, personal and exempt property in Le Sueur County.

The assessment personnel reviews the assessments on approximately 17,000 parcels of property located in 14 townships and 10 cities. It is their responsibility to estimate the market value for tax purposes and to classify property based on its principle use, such as residential, agricultural, seasonal or commercial. Other duties include determining which properties are subject to taxation and which qualify for homestead classification.

Staff members constantly strive to achieve uniform assessments on all property. Annual sales studies are used to analyze market conditions and determine how the Assessor's estimated value compares to actual property sales. The Minnesota Department of Revenue requires the Assessor's estimated market value to fall within a range of 90% to 105% of actual market value. When estimate market values or classifications are changed, notices are mailed to property owner informing them of their new value and or classification and their right to appeal to the local Board of Review.

Applications for Homestead and various other exemptions are processed through the Assessor's Office. The assessing staff at Le Sueur County is available to discuss your valuation and classification questions with you at any time.

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Le Sueur County Assessor:
  Shayne Bender

Le Sueur County Deputy Assessor:
  Jennifer Flicek

Contact Information:
  Le Sueur County Assessor
  88 South Park Ave.
  Le Center, MN 56057
  Phone(507) 357-2251

  Tom Widmer
  Jay Sowieja
  Corey Schwartz

Administrative Assistant:
  Joanne Corrow

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