County Parks/Lakes/Rivers

Le Sueur County has a number of primitive parks in the County, along with a number of Public Accesses to our lakes and the Minnesota River. Some of the Accesses are owned by the D.N.R. and some our owned by Le Sueur County. There are three river accesses that the County owns so people can enjoy the Minnesota River. There are eleven parks in the County for people to explore. Three of the parks have self-guided trails around them for your enjoyment. They are the Ney Park, Lake Washington Park and Richter Woods Park. Le Sueur County 911 road map shows where all of our parks and public accesses are located.

Le Sueur County Park Ordinance


Le Sueur County Park Director:
  Tyler Luethje
  88 South Park Ave
  Le Center, MN 56057


County Parks:
Park Address of parks City
Geldner Saw Mill Park 46542 Beaver Dam Rd Cleveland
Ray’s Lake Park 1395 1st St Elysian
Ney Nature Park 28238 Nature Center Ln Henderson
  For Reservations Call: 507-248-3474  
  or click here Ney Nature Center Park  
Lake Washington County Park 47102 Washington Park Rd Kasota
  For Reservations Call: 507-995-1161  
  Head Quarter Building, $75.00/Day-Reservation Only  
  Picnic Shelter, $50.00/Day-Reservation Only  
  For Camping info click here -- Camping  
Bradshaw Woods West Derrynane St Le Center
Clear Lake Park 35194 Clear Lake Ln Le Center
  Camping--4 Sites, $10.00/Night-First come basis  
Lake Gorman Dam Park 19634 Gorman Lake Park Ln Le Center
Lake Volney Park 18608 Beach Ln Le Center
Richter Woods Park 35674 173rd Ave Montgomery
  For Reservations Call: 507-357-8201  
  Barn rent, $75.00/Day-Reservation Only  
Lake Pepin Park & Public Access 16901 County Park Rd New Prague
Lake Emily Park & Ludwick Island 33016 Lake Emily Rd St Peter
St Peter Park State Hwy 99 St Peter


Public Lake Accesses:
Lake Address
Clear Lake Access 35143 Clear Lake Ln
Lake Gorman Dam Park 19634 Gorman Lake Park Ln
Dora Lake Access 41660 Kilkenny Rd
Lake Gorman South Access 19866 Dodd Rd
Fish Lake Access 19866 Fish Lake Ln
Lake Gorman West Access 20074 Dodd Rd
German Lake Access 22841 German Lake Rd
Lake Volney Access 18608 Beach Ln
Lake Henry Lake Access 27636 Lake Jefferson Rd
Greenleaf Lake Access 17742 380th St
Lake Lilly Public Access 19181 State Hwy 60
Jefferson Lake Access 46380 Beaver Dam Rd
Lake Sanborn Access 32510 141st Ln
Jefferson Lake Access (West) 46320 271st Ave
Lake Tetonka Access 17125 500th Ln
Jefferson Lake Access (West) 28211 470th St
Lake Washington Access 5516 North Shore Ct
Lake Elysian Access 19581 State Hwy 60
Lake Washington Access (West Wood) 1398 Lake Washington Access Rd
Ray’s Lake 1241 1st St
Lake Emily Access 32496 Lake Emily Rd
Rice Lake Access 34213 141st Ave
Lake Francis Lake Access 23085 Lake Francis Rd
Roemhidt Lake Access 47784 229th Ln
Lake Francis Lake Access 417 1st St
Sabre Lake Access 44168 Sabre Lake Ln
Steele Lake Access 21538 Steele Lake Ln
Sunfish Lake Access 45825 State Hwy 13
Scotch Lake Access 43211 271st Ave


Minnesota River Accesses:
River Access Address City
Henderson Station River Access 29030 River St Henderson
Kasota River Access 910 N Rice St Kasota
Ottawa River Access 34174 Liberty St Ottawa