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Listing for State Licensed Septic Contractors
      State Licensed Septic Contractors

When a Compliance Inspection Is Required for Existing Septic Systems in Le Sueur County

Le Sueur County Forms
      Waiver For Compliance Inspection Of An Existing Septic System
      Septic Permit Application
      Holding Tank Pumping Service Agreement
      Septic Monitoring Recording Form

Le Sueur County Zoning Ordinance
      Section 17: Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems
      Section 4 Rules and Definitions
      List of Differences
      Septic Fees

Septic Upgrade Loan Program (SULP)
      Administration Plan
      Septic Low Interest Loan Application
      Septic Loan Ordinance

University of Minnesota Septic Information for Realtors

State Regulations
      MN Pollution Control Agency--Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems Programs
      MN Rule Chapter 7080 - Individual Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems
      MN Rule Chapter 7081 - Midsized Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems
      MN Rule Chapter 7082 - Local ISTS Programs
      MN Rule Chapter 7083 - SSTS Credentialing and Product Registration