Septic Program

The Environmental Services Department oversees the siting, design, installation, alteration, operation, maintenance, monitoring, and management of all septic systems within the County’s applicable jurisdiction.

Le Sueur County requires compliance inspections for the following:
  • For all zoning permits in shoreland zoning districts
  • For a zoning permit for the principle structure in all non-shoreland zoning districts
  • Prior to sale (the landowner is responsible party to provide this information)
  • At any time the Department deems appropriate, such as upon receiving a complaint or other information of system failure
Useful Information
      For Septic Contractors
      For Landowners
      For Realtors

Le Sueur County Zoning Ordinance 
      Section 17: Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems
      Section 4 Rules and Definitions
      List of Differences
      Septic Fees
      Waiver For Compliance Inspection Of An Existing Septic System

Septic Upgrade Loan Program (SULP)
      Administration Plan

        Septic Low Interest Loan Application
      Septic Loan Ordinance