Aquatic Invasive Species

Below are listed the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) - Final Reports for various lakes within the county.  More lake reports will be added as they become available.  Please be certain to check back periodically.

Le Sueur Count Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Plan

AIS Rapid Response
Lake Tetonka (2017)
Lake Frances (2017)

AIS Action Plans
Lake Frances (2015)
Lake Tetonka (2015)
Lake Washington (2015)
Lake Volney (2015)
Lake Emily (2015)
Greenleaf Lake (2015)
Ray's Lake (2015)
Sakatah Lake (2015)
Jefferson Lakes (2015)
Gorman Lake (2015)
German Lake (2015)
Clear Lake (2014)
Le Sueur AIS Summary