County Ditch 43 Inspection:

Monday: 6/20/2016
-Due to recent rainfall, the full inspection of County Ditch 43 has been suspended until dryer conditions exist.
-UAVs flight is scheduled for tomorrow (6/21/2016) between 10am and 2pm if weather permits.  The goal is to collect data remotely before the Soil and Water Technicians inspect the ditch.

Questions about this can be directed to:

Wednesday: 6/22/2016
UAVs collection success.  Data has been collected and analysis/validation will commence.

~County Ditch 43 UAV data as viewed in a 3D application.
County Ditch 43 data collect from a UAVs.  Viewed in a 3D program.

~County Ditch 43 UAV collected ortho-photography.
County Ditch 43 Aerial Photo collected from an UAVs

Monday 07/11/2016

~We have determined the elevation information collected does not fall within tolerance.  As of today, if time allows, the collection will take place once again.  This time we will fly more flight paths in order to obtain the amount of overlapping photography necessary to properly build an accurate elevation model.