Le Sueur County Highway Department

The Le Sueur County Highway Department is located at County Road 114 South in Le Center. Maintenance shops are located in Le Center, Waterville, Montgomery, Le Sueur, and Cleveland.

The Highway Department builds and maintains Le Sueur County roads, bridges, buildings, land, and parks. We attempt to balance serving our customers and operating cost effective programs.

The County Board is ultimately responsible for the actions of the Highway Department. However, the Highway Department staff manages the daily operations and most planning operations. Generally speaking, the County Board’s role is to set policies and the Highway Department’s role is to implement the policies.

Le Sueur County maintains about 507 miles of road. About 314 miles are paved and 193 miles are gravel surfaced. Maintenance activities include items like placing gravel, snow and ice control, signing, mowing the road side, patching pavement, sealing cracks, and noxious weed control. Our maintenance staff includes motor patrol operators, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, and mechanics. Construction activities include items like earthwork, paving, seal coats, and highway striping. Our construction staff is responsible for implementing construction projects. The work includes surveys, preparing plans, writing contracts, acquiring rights-of-way and supervising construction projects. Typical road projects are a 1 ½" bituminous overlay or constructing wide earth shoulders on a road with narrow shoulders.

The Highway Department is responsible for bridge inspection in Le Sueur County. We inspect 80 bridges. Our staff works with the funding sources and the other local government units when maintaining or replacing a bridge. A typical bridge project is replacement with a new structure.

Our funding comes from a variety of sources. Examples of the sources are Federal Aid, State Aid, local levy, State Transportation Bridge Bonding, and grants. We attempt to program our maintenance and construction activities to get the most out of our available funding. Typically the source of funding determines where and how the funding can be used. For example, State Aid funding can only be used for a construction project on the State Aid system being designed and constructed to State Aid standards.

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Department Head:
  Dave Tiegs


Contact Information:
  Le Sueur County Highway Department
  88 South Park Ave.
  Le Center, MN 56057
  Phone: (507) 357-2251