Social Services Unit

The Social Services unit administers the following programs:

  • Services for the Developmentally Disabled

We have social workers avaialble to work with families/guardians to find resources and funding sources for services the participant may need.  Our workers also advocate for the participant to ensure they get the services they need. 

  • Licensing for Daycare homes and Foster Care homes for both children and adults
Our agency is the liaison for the state licensing office. 

  • Child Care Assistance

This program helps to pay for daycare costs to those who qualify, based on income.  Call the office to check availability and to see if we have a waiting list.

  • Adult Protection Investigations and Case Management

Adult Protection reports come in to our agency intake worker and are investigated by our unit.  When needed, we can file for Guardianship/Conservatorship of adults in need of protection.

  • Adoption searches

We can do adoption searches for either biological parents or children who wish to make contact with each other.