Adult Mental Health Services

Adult Mental Health Brochure
The Behavioral Health Unit has many services available to the citizens of our county.  Services range from out-patient psychological and psychiatric Services to community based services such as case management, skills supports, and recreational therapeutic groups and activities.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I apply for services?
County residents can call in requesting services for themselves or on behalf of a family member or person they care for.  When a call is placed to our office, an intake worker will assist you in identifying what services can best benefit you.  In addition to local services, we can make referrals to other providers and resources.  To request assistance, please call our Intake Worker at 507-357-8228. 
Le Sueur County Child/Adult Voluntary Services Referral Form
Le Sueur County DHS Authorization for Release of Information

Help!  I'm having a mental health crisis!  What do I do?
If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, there are a variety of services available to you - all you need to do is reach out and you will be helped!  For a crisis during business hours (8:00 - 4:30), please call the Intake Worker at 507-357-8288 and after business hours, you have a choice to either call the on call worker through the Sheriff's Department at 507-357-4440 or you may call the regional crisis/warm line through the Horizon Homes Crisis Center by calling 1-877-399-3040.  Mobile Crisis Outreach Team services are available through the Crisis Center from 4:00 PM - Midnight.   As always, if you are experiencing an emergency that requires immediate medical attention, please call 911. 

Also check out this link for Crisis Mobile Services: 

South Central Mobile Crisis Team

What specific services are available?
A few of the services Le Sueur County provides to qualifying persons include:  Needs Assessments, psychological evaluations, diagnostic assessments, out-patient counseling, crisis assessment, case management for adults with SPMI (Serious & Persistent Mental Illness), independent living skills training, medication management and telemedicine (through the Blue Earth County Psychiatric HUB), therapeutic and recreational supportive groups and transportation assistance. 

Is there a cost associated with these services?
We do not want finances to be a barrier to accessing needed mental health services and will work with everyone who requests services on making those services affordable by offering a sliding fee scale.  Due to this commitment, we may need to refer clients who do have third party insurance to other area providers.  Not all services require a fee.    
For further information on Adult Mental Health Services available, please go to the South Central Community Based Initiative (SCCBI) Website.

                                                     Crisis Service Information
Local On-Call after office hours:        507-357-4440   

Regional Crisis Line 24/7:                    877-399-3040  

Crisis Mobile Team 24/7:                    877-399-3040

Crisis Center (Mankato):                     507-389-6783   

National Suicide Prevention #:           800-273-8255  

Mental Health Texting Service: Text MN to 741741