Child Support


Children can depend on their parents for the support they need.

To promote the well-being of children and the self-sufficiency
of families by delivering quality child support services.

Child Support services are offered through Minnesota counties.  Either parent, with or without custody of their children, may receive these services. 

Families not receiving public assistance must apply for services and pay a cost recovery fee of 2% from the amount of support collected. (For example, if the child support agency collects $150.00 per month, your fee is $3.00.  The amount sent to you is $147.00.) 

Families receiving MFIP, Medical Assistance, and Child Care Assistance must cooperate with child support efforts to continue receiving benefits.  County Child Support offices use a variety of tools to set and collect support.

Child Support services include:

       * Establish parentage
       * Establishing and enforcing orders which can include medical support and child care support
       * Locating non-custodial parents
       * Collecting current and past due support

Collections and enforcement tools available:

        * Collecting and processing payments
        * Intercepting Federal and State tax refunds to pay child support arrears
        * Reporting those owing child support arrears to credit bureaus
        * Suspending driver's licenses and state-issued occupational licenses for failure to pay child support
        * Reviewing and modifying court orders for child support, medical support and child care support.(Review requests must be made in writing)
        * Adjusting child support orders for cost-of-living increases every two years
        * Working with other states to enforce support when one parent does not live in Minnesota
        * Bringing court actions for contempt against parents to collect support

Current participants can access their accounts online at: will need your 10-digit participant number and your pin number to access your account.  Contact our office at 507-357-8288 if you need this information.

The Child Support Calculator is a tool that estimates the amount of child support the court may order on a child support case.  You can access the calculator at

You can access the Minnesota Courts web site to download various Child Support forms at: