Child Welfare Services

County Child Welfare services are available to parents and children in Le Sueur County to improve relationships between family members and to ensure the safety and well-being of children within families. Services are provided to minor parents, families of children who are truant from school and/or running away from home, families experiencing severe parent/child conflict and families in need of assistance as a result of their own or other child's special needs.

Areas of Service Include:

  • Help with parenting issues / techniques: Case management can help parents to connect to support groups and services, provide consultation, and develop plans to meet goals for the parents and children.
  • Minor parents: Assessment and support service offered to minor youth who are pregnant or have an infant to provide care. 
  • Parent Support Outreach Program: Parent support can be referred by any affiliated service including school, public health, income maintenance, or the child protection screening team.  If this service is referred, the assigned worker will contact the family to ask if they would like to consider receiving services.  If the family meets criteria, they can receive some supportive services. 
  • School Liaison Services: Services can be designed to improve your child's behavior and functioning within the family, school and community.  There are a variety of community services available.  They may include in-home service people who will help you with your child’s behaviors, provide individual and/or family counseling and parenting education.  Other Services may be used depending on your child's specific needs.
  • Interpreter/Translator: Le Sueur County uses collaborative funds to provide an on-staff Spanish interpreter.  The goal is to help those with English as their second language to understand and be understood.  This worker helps families in income maintenance, Public Health Nursing, Child and Family Services and any other division as needed to help make sure the client’s needs are met. 
  • Truancy Intervention: For those youth who are having attendance issues and who meet the definition of habitually truant for the first time, Le Sueur County offers diversion from court proceedings with the goal of addressing the child’s attendance issues and keeping.