Children's Mental Health

Children's Mental Health Brochure

This is a voluntary service provided by the county to children 0 to 18 years of age who have an emotional disturbance and who meet certain qualifications for services.  County workers can assist you and your child to:

  • Determine if any mental health problems exist
  • Help you find a qualified mental health professional to assess your child
  • Work with your mental health professional to gather the necessary paperwork for qualification

 Is Your Child Exhibiting Signs of Emotional or Behavioral Problems?

As a parent raising children can be a difficult task as it is but when dealing with children that have emotional or behavioral problems obtaining the right help can make things less difficult for themselves as well as for the child.

Most children go through periods during their growth in dealing with their home life, school and also with classmates and friends.  During most of these times the parents can successfully help and support their children with any issues that do arise.  The following signs though when experienced on a frequent basis are often signs where there may be reason enough to consult with your child's doctor or with a mental health professional:

  • Frequent feelings of depression, unhappiness, or despair
  • Feelings of anxiety or significant mood swings
  • Frequent periods of confusion or forgetfulness
  • Lack of interest in family, friends, or activities they used to enjoy
  • Destruction of property
  • Difficulty with concentration at school and other activities
  • Inability to create or sustain friendships with other children
  • Angry and belligerent behavior

Having an Emergency or Mental Health Crisis?

 South Central Mobile Crisis Team can also assist you and your child in the event of a mental health crisis.

 Crisis Service Information
 Local On-Call after office hours:        507-357-4440   

Regional Crisis Line 24/7:                    877-399-3040  

Crisis Mobile Team 24/7:                    877-399-3040

Crisis Center (Mankato):                     507-389-6783   

National Suicide Prevention #:           800-273-8255  

Mental Health Texting Service: Text MN to 741741