Child Foster Care

Le Sueur County Family Services offers assistance in becoming licensed to provide foster care for children or support care for adults in your family residence and information and links for Adoption Services.

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Child Foster Care Rules & Regulations

 Questions to consider when thinking about becoming a Foster Parent:

 Can we afford to take in a child?

Kids are expensive to care for. We provide financial support for foster families, the amount depending on the age and needs of the particular child. We also cover their medical costs. You won't get rich, but it should more than cover your expenses. Helping a person in need is a challenge - one that could change your life as well as the life of a child or an adult in your care.

 Is my house OK?

Apartments, town homes, single-family homes - all are appropriate locations for foster care or adopted children. Some foster children can share a bedroom with a same gender child close in age. They need to have their own beds; some need their own rooms. Most kids come with few possessions, but will need a dresser drawer and a bit of closet space. If they come to you without adequate clothing for the season, the children's social worker will assist in obtaining extra funds. We do not pay for any alterations needed to your house to meet safety and fire codes, but most homes need few if any changes. Our staff will discuss any housing concerns with you before you make any commitment.

 Where do the kids come from?

Most of the children needing foster or adoptive families are in the social services system due to past abuse or neglect. They have been traumatized. Some are doing pretty well emotionally and are of normal intellect. Others are really hurting, and may show that in their behavior.

What are their needs?

 Kids, like adults, can be depressed, anxious, fearful, and angry. Some have medical or developmental problems. Many have delayed social skills or special school needs. You'll work closely with social services, the school, therapists and other professionals, and, in many cases, with the child's extended family.

 Where do they go?

 Most kids who go into foster care are quickly reunited with their parents or extended family. Some foster families specialize in working with short-term cases. Other families prefer long-term foster care, or may be interested only in adoption. We often don't know at the time of a placement how long it will be. Whenever possible, we try to keep siblings together. They are often each other's best support.

 Is this for ME (for us?)

Our "families" come in all shapes and sizes. Some are single adults; some are two, with kids or no kids of their own. Some are large families in which everyone helps out.


Adoption Services from Le Sueur County Social Services are provided for children that are under the guardianship of the Commissioner of Human Services.  These children are available for adoption and are registered on the Minnesota Children's Waiting List.

Families interested in adoption of a special needs child may contact the agency for information.  There are private agencies that provide services to prospective adoptive parents at no fee.  If you would like further information please contact Le Sueur County Social Services or visit the Minnesota Adoption Resource Network.

At this time, Le Sueur County Family Services does not offer any services for private adoptions. If you are interested in adopting special needs children that are state wards, we can connect you with the appropriate agencies who offer those services.

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