Daycare and Foster Care/Adoption

LeSueur County Human Services provides licensing services for county residents who wish to provide the following:

     Family Day Care
- Individuals provide care for up to 12-14 children in a residential or 

     commercial setting that meets all the licensing standards.

     Adult Foster Care - Individuals provide care for adults with disabilities within their own

     Child Foster Care- Individuals provide care for children within their own home.

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All you need to do is call 507-387-8288 and ask to talk to the licensor. 

If the licensor does not answer, please leave a message and she will get back to you.  Our agency does the licensing for Child Daycare, Child Foster Care, and Adult Foster Care.  We have packets ready to mail out for each program area that we license.  Do not let the packet scare you.  The packet not only contains the forms you must fill out to get licensed, but we also provide you with the forms you will need once you are licensed.  Each packet has a letter in it that explains what you need to fill out.  If you run into a problem, call the licensor and she will help you through it.  The licensor also does the orientation you are required to have in your home.  The licensor also tries to set up trainings throughout the year locally. 

We always need more providers, so call now!