Financial Assistance

2018-2019 County MFIP Biennial Service Agreement:

Under Minnesota Statutes, section 256J.626, subdivision 4, counties are required to submit a Biennial Service Agreement (BSA) to be approved by the Minnesota Dept. of Human Services (DHS) to receive consolidated funds for the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP).  The intended purpose of the Biennial Service Agreement is to provide DHS with information about services and strategies intended to meet program measures with the goal of increasing economic stability of low income families on MFIP.  

Please see link to the left which shows a DRAFT plan of the 2018-2019 Le Sueur County MFIP Biennial Service Agreement.  Please email any comments and feedback to Deb Serich Financial Assistance supervisor at or call 507-357-8514.  The DRAFT agreement will be available for comment for 30 days ending on Friday 11/18/2017.    

Financial Assistance
Eligibility workers determine initial and ongoing eligibility for Cash, Medical, SNAP (food support), Emergency Assistance and County Burial programs. 


How do I apply?  

  • In person at our office at 88 South Park Ave,  LeCenter, MN  56057
  • Electronically:  for cash/food/emergency/childcare assistance at
  • Electronically:  for health care at     
  • Mail:  call 507-357-8288 and ask our receptionist to mail you an application
  • FAX:  you can fax your completed application to LeSueur County DHS – Attn Financial  Intake at 507-357-6122  

How long will it take before I am approved?

  • Cash and Food program eligibility is determined within 30 days
  • Health care program eligibility  is determined within 45 days 

How are benefits issued?

Cash and food benefits are deposited onto an EBT (electronic benefit transfer) card.   Food funds can only be accessed when using your card to purchase food items at a grocer.    Cash benefits can be accessed at any ATM or a vendor that is licensed to accept EBT cards.   


Cash and Food programs are prorated from the DATE WE RECEIVE YOUR APPLICATION (this becomes your actual application date).   We encourage you to complete the forms in our lobby, or to drop off page 1 of your application AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to maximize your benefits.   

Cash and Food programs require an interview with an eligibility worker.  We can do the interview in our office (face to face) or we can offer a phone interview when program rules allow.       

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Do you think someone may be collecting benefits fraudulently?  Call the FRAUD HOTLINE!

Fraud Hotline for Health Care Providers & Billing          Fraud Hotline for Recipients
Twin Cities metro           651-431-2650                     - Twin Cities metro     651-431-3968
    - Toll-free line                  800-657-3750                    - Toll-free line             800-627-9977
         or check out the website 
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