Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC)

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C&TC is the name of a preventative health program developed to ensure that recipients of Medical Assistance receive health screenings on a regular basis. Children up to the age of 21 years old are entitled to receive screenings from the providers of their health plan. In Le Sueur County, the choices of provider would be Blue Plus or Medica. Our agency is able to help eligible families locate providers for medical and dental services. Remember to ask for a FULL CTC SCREENING when you schedule your child’s appointment. A Child and Teen Checkup from your medical provider would qualify for a sport physical for your adolescent.

What does a Child and Teen Checkup include?

Anticipatory guidance and health education

Hearing and vision check


Height and weight




Dental education/referral


Health History

Lab tests


Head circumference

Physical exam



When are Child and Teen Checkups due?

2 weeks

12 months

4 years

2 months

15 months

5 years

4 months

18 months

6 years

6 months

2 years

Every 2 years after age 6

9 months

3 years



Why are Child and Teen Checkup services so important? 

  • Health and developmental problems can be detected and treated early
  • Children can get tested for lead poisoning, tuberculosis and other diseases
  • Parents and children can get information for healthier lifestyles
  • Providers can help prepare parents for what to expect as their child grows
  • Dental health is included as part of Child and Teen Checkups

Need help to find a doctor or dentist? Make an appointment? Find transportation? Find an interpreter? 

  • Call your county human services or public health agency. Talk to a Child and Teen Checkups staff person, or
  • Dial your health plan member services number:
    • Medica 952-992-2322 or 1-800-373-8335
    • BluePlus 1-800-711-9862
  • For transportation under your health plan call:
    • BluePlus Healthride 1-866-340-8648 or 651-662-8648
    • Medica Provide-A-Ride 952-992-2292 or 1-800-601-1805
  • Dental Services:
    • BluePlus Delta Dental 651-406-5907 or 1-800-774-9049
    • Medica Delta Dental 651-406-5919 or 1-800-459-8574
  • Heatlhcare Links:
  • Other useful links: