Family Home Visiting

Becoming a parent is an exciting and challenging time. There’s so much to think about when it comes to having a baby and raising a child.

You might wonder if what you’re feeling is normal and if your baby is developing properly. You may have questions, need help finding services for your family, or just need someone to talk to and support you as a new parent. A healthy start is so important for the entire family. 

What will the nurse or family home visitor do?
We can talk about mom's recovery, breastfeeding, family planning, and refer to other resources such as WIC and ECFE. We can weigh the baby, check for skin color, cord care, eating and sleeping patterns, as well as check for home and car seat safety. Suggestions for infant development will be shared and this is a good opportunity to enroll your baby in the Follow Along Program. We’ll have fun times doing developmental activities and learning together. 

How are visits paid for?
Home visits are voluntary and free. These services are reimbursed fully by either insurance or grants. Visits are scheduled around your schedule and as often as you choose. 

You can request a visit by calling: Public Health 507-357-8246.