Prenatal Care/Education

Having a healthy baby means making healthy choices so your baby gets a good start on life. Prenatal care is important.

What can the Public Health Nurse do?
Public Health staff are able to guide you in identifying risks that could harm your baby. The nurse will encourage early and regular prenatal care and assist you in finding ways to pay for your medical care.

What will I learn?
A Public Health Nurse will enhance your knowledge of labor and delivery, fetal development, breast and bottle feeding, nutrition and much more. The nurse will also talk about safety and the proper use of car seats. There are videos and handouts to make learning fun. 

Where can I meet with the nurse?
Most any place you are comfortable! Home, school, work, or the Public Health office, the choice is yours.
Maybe you have a friend that would like to come along? That's okay too.

How do I begin?
Just call the Le Sueur County Public Health at 507-357-8246.