Sharps Disposal

Le Sueur County Sharps Disposal

WHY is it important?  It is important to manage and dispose of needles, lancets, and syringes (sharps) safely to prevent injury and disease transmission from needle-sticks.  Never leave needles or syringes on streets, in parks, or anywhere else where someone could get injured.

HOW do I dispose?  Collect needles/sharps in a hard sided container with a closure. 
Some examples of appropriate containers listed below:
     * Store bought sharps disposal container
     * Laundry detergent bottle with a screw on top
     * Milk jug with a cap
     * Coffee can with lid

COST to dispose? FREE

WHERE do I take my container?
     Le Sueur County Public Health, 88 South Park Ave, Le Center
     Corner Drug Store, 204 Valley Green Square, Le Sueur

     Herrmann Thrifty White, 201 South 1st Street, Montgomery

For more information, contact: 
     Le Sueur County Public Health ~ 507-357-8246

This program made possible with support from Le Sueur County Environmental Services, Le Sueur County Public Health and Tri County Solid Waste.