911 Communications Center

The Le Sueur County Sheriff's Communications Center is the communications hub of the County. It is under the authority of the Sheriff and Chief Deputy. The Communications Center is made up of 6 full time and 4 part time dispatchers and is overseen by a 911 Supervisor. The Communications Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The duties of a dispatcher include answering all emergency phone calls and dispatching police, fire and EMS services for the cities of Le Sueur, Le Center, Kasota, Cleveland, Elysian, Waterville, Montgomery, as well as all of the townships within Le Sueur County. The dispatch staff also answer non-emergency calls for service and utilize shared databases throughout the State of Minnesota and within our Sheriff's Office.

Helpful Tips When Calling 911:

Every call is different.

Be ready to provide WHERE you are, WHAT happened, WHO is involved, HOW and WHY it happened.

The dispatcher may ask more specific questions pertaining to your situation. The most important thing is remain calm and speak clearly.

Do not hang up. Allow the dispatcher to end the call first.

Will I be found if I call 911 from my cell phone?

Cell phones are becoming the preferred method over land lines. Land line phones are tied to specific addresses, allowing easy plotting on computerized maps, but cell phones are designed to allow movement; however, the technology is improving on a continuous basis to assist dispatch centers. Please be aware that there are many internal happenings when you dial 911 from your cell phone. When you dial 911 from your cell phone the signal goes to the closest cell phone tower and that tower sends your call to a pre-determined PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point). The dispatch center you receive immediately may not be the dispatch center of the county you are in and you will then be transferred to correct agency.

Disconnected cell phones are still capable of calling 911. Please do not give these phones to your children as toys.

Le Sueur County Everbridge Citizen Alert Notification System

Everbridge is a mass notification system used by Le Sueur County to notify its citizens of emergencies and/or urgent notifications for their area. It may also be used by city governments for informational purposes.

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Questions Call:
Le Sueur County Emergency Manager Ann Traxler
Email Ann

Helpful Links:

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Contact Information:
911 Supervisor Melanie Nelson
Email Melanie Nelson