Civil Process

The Civil Process Division of the Le Sueur County Sheriff’s Office provides a means for Individuals, Attorneys, and Courts to have legal papers served within the Le Sueur County Area. Some of the most frequently served papers include: Subpoenas, Summons and Complaints, Evictions, Dissolution of Marriage, Order for Protection, Harassment/Restraining Order and Mortgage Foreclosure.

In addition to paper service the Le Sueur County Sheriff’s Civil Division is able to assist parties with the seizure of monies/property through wage garnishments, bank levies or levies on property.

We are not able to provide legal advice, you would need to contact an Attorney. The answers to many legal questions can be found in the Minnesota State Statutes.

The Mortgage Foreclosure Sales are Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. in the Lobby of the Le Sueur County Sheriff's Office. 

We require prepayment of all services and below are our current Civil Process Fees.

Sheriff's Department Civil Process Fees:

Summons/Complaint, Subpoena, Notices, Orders, Writ of Execution, Petitions, Foreclosure Notices, Posting of Notice(s), etc.

$70.00 Unlimited Attempts or Number of Occupants at same address

Writ of Recovery in Eviction


Deputy time for property removal standby in eviction

$70.00/Hour--1 Hr. Minimum

Sheriff Sales--Sales are scheduled for Wednesday’s at 1:00 p.m. Cancelled--Postponed Sales without Notice


Redemption Certificate

$100.00--Certificate is completed and   accompanied by the representative $250.00--Sheriff’s Office is requested to draft and complete the Certificate

Notice of Intent to Redeem


Writs of Execution Commission


Contact Information:
Email Civil Process