Sheriff's Fees

Sheriff's Department Public Fees
Gun Permits $100.00 New Carry Permit
$75.00 Renewal Carry Permit
$10.00 Replacement/Change of information
No charge for Purchase Permit
Burn Permit No charge
Incident Report Copy No charge for initial report $.25 per page for additional copies (ex: statements)
Accident Report Copy No charge
Photographs $2.00 per colored copy--2 on a page
Audio/Video CD $20.00 copied to a CD
Clerical Query/Research $20.00/hour--15 minutes minimum
Fingerprints $10.00 (1 or 2 cards)

Sheriff's Department Civil Fees:
Summons/Complaint, Subpoena, Notices, Orders, Writ of Execution, Petitions, Foreclosure Notices, Posting of Notice(s), etc. $70.00 Unlimited Attempts or Number of Occupants at same address
Writ of Recovery in Eviction $70.00
Deputy time for property removal standby in eviction $70.00/Hour--1 Hr. Minimum
Sheriff Sales--Sales are scheduled for Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m.
Cancelled--Postponed Sales W/O Notice

Mechanics Lien Sale/Certificate
Redemption Certificate  $250.00
Notice of Intent to Redeem $100.00
Writs of Execution Commission 6%
Service Fee Payment is requested at the time of service