Board of Commissioners

District 1:

  David Gliszinski Email here
  28481 141st Ave
  New Prague, MN 56071
  Phone: (952) 212-1953

Commissioner of: City of New Prague, City of Heidelberg, Lanesburgh Township

District 2:

  Danny O'Keefe
  36453 235th Ave.
  Le Center, MN 56057
  Phone: (507) 469-0674

Commissioner of: City of Montgomery, Montgomery Township, Sharon Township, Lexington Township, and Ottawa Township

District 3:

  John King Email here
  403 Ferry St
  Le Sueur, MN 56058
  Phone: (612) 756-4590

Commissioner of: City of Le Sueur, Derrynane Township and Tyrone Township


District 4:
  Lance Wetzel Email here
  295 Rolling Hills Drive South
  Le Center, MN 56057
  Phone: (507) 357-6621
  Cell:     (952) 217-3009


Commissioner of: City of Le Center, City of Waterville, City of Kilkenny, Waterville Township, Kilkenny Township and Cordova Township


District 5:
  Steven J. Rohlfing Email here
  28020 Maple Lane
  Madison Lake, MN 56063
  Phone: (507) 317-5095


Commissioner of: City of Kasota, City of Cleveland, City of Elysian, City of Mankato, Elysian Township, Washington Township, Kasota Township and Cleveland Township


Commissioner District Map