Adult Mental Health Services

The Behavioral Health Unit has many services available to eligible citizens of our county who are experiencing mental health symptoms.

Services include:

  • Psychological and psychiatric services
  • Case management
  • Skills supports (Community Support Technicians or ARMHS)
  • Recreational therapeutic groups and activities (Clubhouse)
  • Vocational supports
  • Crisis intervention


I am having a mental health crisis. What should I do?

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, there are a variety of services available to you, please contact us. For a crisis during business hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), please call our main line at 507-357-8288 and ask to speak with a Mental Health Intake Worker. 

After business hours, you have a choice to either call the on call Social Worker through the Sheriff's Department at 507-357-4440 or you may call the regional crisis/warm line through the Horizon Homes Crisis Center by calling 877-399-3040. 

Mobile Crisis Outreach Team services are available through the Crisis Center 24/7. Please check out the Crisis Mobile Services.

As always, if you are experiencing an emergency that requires immediate medical attention, please call 911.