Manufactured Homes

A manufactured home (commonly known as a mobile home ) is a type of prefabricated building that is largely assembled in factories and then transported to sites in sections. The requirement to have a wheeled chassis permanently attached differentiates "manufactured housing" from other types of prefabricated homes, such as modular homes.


All manufactured homes are required to be titled through the Driver and Vehicle Services Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. The registrar of motor vehicles in each county can issue a certificate of title in the same manner as a motor vehicle. It is a record detailing the:

  • Date issued
  • Lien information
  • Make
  • Manufacture year
  • Model
  • The name and address of any secured parties
  • Name and address of the owner
  • Title number
  • Vehicle identification number

Buyer & Seller Responsibilities

When selling a manufactured home to another person, the buyer and seller are responsible to file information with the Department of Public Safety by transferring the certificate of title at the county license bureau. Before the registrar transfers ownership, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  1. All past and current taxes due are paid
  2. A certified statement from the treasurer of the county where the home is located acknowledging and that taxes have been paid must be furnished
  3. A current certificate of title with any required lien releases must be submitted.

Additionally, the seller should inform the assessor about the change in ownership. Once a new certificate of title is issued, the buyer should also furnish a copy to the assessor to ensure that the county assessment records are updated.

Homestead Application

To apply for homestead, fill out the application (PDF) and return to our office no later than May 29 to be eligible for homestead in the current tax year.

Important Manufactured Home Dates

  • May 29th: Last day to establish homestead
  • July 15th: Last day to send out tax statements
  • August 31st: 1st half of taxes are due
  • November 15th: 2nd half of taxes are due