Auditor-Treasurer Office


The Auditor-Treasurer’s Office serves as custodian of all county funds and cash assets, handles all funds received and/or paid out by the county, and is responsible for investing all county surplus funds, designation of depositories, securing collateral to protect funds and determines terms of investments. Duties included are generation and collection of:

  • Confession of judgment
  • Current and delinquent real estate
  • Personal property and mobile home taxes
  • Tax forfeiture

The Auditor-Treasurer is also the Deputy Registrar for the county and administers the License Center providing vehicle registrations for cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc; recreational licenses such as boat titles, hunting and fishing licenses, etc; and drivers license renewals and ID cards.

Other functions of the office include:

  • Assists the Election Administrator in the election process
  • County bank account reconciliations
  • Escrow of tax payments
  • Fireworks permits
  • Inventory of fixed assets
  • Maintaining Drainage Ditch Funds and Assessments
  • Issues auctioneer licenses, and serves as the holder of surety bonds for auctioneers
  • Issues Beer, Liquor and Tobacco licenses
  • M-1PR (property tax refund) assistance and forms


Eight full-time employees staff the Le Sueur County Auditor-Treasurer’s office. The position of County Auditor-Treasurer is elected every four years.

True Transit Tokens

True Transit Tokens now available for sale at the Le Sueur County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office.

Ditch Information

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Due to a publication issue with Le Sueur County News, an issue that was beyond our control, the ditch hearing held on January 15th was be continued to Thursday, April 9th at 1:00 for CD 22, 35, 48 & 49 and at 2:30 for JD54.  The Drainage Authority will take landowner comment & action regarding the Redetermination of Benefits on April 9th.  Please check back for formal notice to be posted.

The hearings will be held in the EOC Training room at the Justice Center, 435 E Derrynane St, Le Center. Please note, this is a secure building and all parties who wish to attend will be required to walk through a security checkpoint.

See below information for individual ditches:

County Ditch 22

CD 22 Landowner Maps
CD22 Viewer’s Report

County Ditch 35

CD35 Landowner Maps
CD35 Viewer’s Report

County Ditch 48

CD48 Landowner Maps
CD48 Viewer’s Report

County Ditch 49

CD49 Landowner Maps
CD49 Viewer’s Report

Le Sueur-Rice Joint Ditch 54

JD54 Landowner Maps
JD54 Viewer’s Report