Agricultural Inspector

Minnesota County Agriculture Inspectors

Each County Board of Commissioners is required in Minnesota Statute 18.80 to appoint one or more County Agricultural Inspector to provide regulation of seeds, noxious weeds, screenings, and to assist in the regulation of pesticides, fertilizers, feeds and insect pests.

The regulatory effort by this position provides protective and educational service to the public and regulated industries with the end result of protecting the public health, the environment, and the consumer. These regulatory responsibilities are assigned to the County Agricultural Inspector position by Minnesota Statue 18.81.

Minnesota Weed Laws

The duties of the County Agricultural Inspector (CAI) are to inspect all land in the county for the presence of prohibited noxious weeds. This is done through assistance from local weed inspectors (township and city officials or their appointees). If you would like to report noxious weeds, please contact your local township or city official to begin the investigation process.

Minnesota Seed Laws

The CAI duties also include help to enforce the seed law. A sufficient amount of seed is collected and tested each year within the county to ensure the protection of the citizens and businesses through correctly labeled seed. If you are a seed dealer in Le Sueur County, please contact your local CAI with your business name, contact information, address, and number.

Pesticide Applicator Licensing

The CAI also administers the Pesticide Applicator Licensing Exams for Le Sueur County. Le Sueur County offers electronic exams.