Child Foster Care

You Can Make a Difference

Foster care is about helping children and families in need. Unfortunately, instances of neglect or abuse may result in children being removed from a family home. As a foster care provider, you will help children learn there are caring, stable, and reliable adults there for them. In time, children in your care will learn that times may be tough but you care and are willing to help. The county agency will work to find children a temporary home with a foster family and, in some cases, a permanent home with an adopted family.

Foster parenting is a commitment to help children and their families through a specifically difficult period by providing consideration, understanding, and guidance to the children and their parents. Foster homes may refuse a particular placement if they feel the placement is inappropriate for them or for meeting the specific needs of the child.

Foster parents may be able to adopt children in care; however, the goal of foster care is reunification with the children's family as soon as possible. Any consideration of adoption is after all efforts at returning the children home or placing the children with relatives are exhausted. Specific policies regarding foster parents as an adoptive resource are available from your child placement agency.

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