County Attorney

The Le Sueur County Attorney is elected by the citizens of Le Sueur County to a four-year term. The current County Attorney is Brent Christian (2003 through present). The County Attorney has 4 assistants:

  • Benjamin J. King
  • Jason L. Moran
  • Robert C. Whipps
  • Tamara L. Pieschke


Some of the duties of the County Attorney and his office include the following:

  • Prosecution of all felonies which occur in Le Sueur County and all gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors which occur in the County, but outside of city limits.
  • Prosecution of all juvenile criminal matters which occur in Le Sueur County.
  • Prosecution of public assistance fraud.
  • Provide legal representation for Le Sueur County, the County Board of Commissioners, and its departments, in civil areas, including planning and zoning issues, liability claims, tax appeals, and contract negotiations.
  • Provide support and assistance for victims and witnesses in criminal and juvenile matters handled by the County Attorney's Office. (Call Vicky W at 507-357-2251 for more information)
  • Represent Le Sueur County in child in need of protection or services (CHIPS) actions and in civil commitments.
  • Represent Le Sueur County in the establishment of paternities and in child support enforcement.