Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department is an internal county department that is responsible for the planning, development, operation, and support of all information and communications systems in the county government.

This includes: 

  • LAN Computer Systems
  • PC
  • WAN
  • ISeries
  • Telephone

Areas of Department

The IT Department is essentially made up of two different areas: Network Security and Support, Systems Support.

Network Security & Support

Network Security and Support staff is responsible for the development, installation, and maintenance of LAN / WAN systems, as well as performing all procedures necessary to protect systems and data from intentional or inadvertent access or destruction. They interface with the user community to understand their network and security needs, and then prepare and recommend draft procedures to accommodate them. They also ensure that those users understand and adhere to all policies, procedures and standards to maintain security.

Systems Support

Systems Support staff is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all PCs, laptops, printers, and various other equipment in the county. They install software and ensure that those applications run smoothly. They work closely with Network Support staff in setting up and maintaining connectivity for each user to the network, while also providing secondary support for the county network.

Staff members also work with county departments in evaluating their needs and then matching those needs with available hardware and software. A help desk call-tracking system allows the department to log all end user questions and problems while following them through to resolution.