Emergency Management

The Le Sueur County Emergency Management Team is dedicated to reducing the effects of disasters upon the people of the community. We do this by proactive planning, preparation and hard work.

Located in the county seat of Le Center, Minnesota, the Le Sueur County Emergency Management team is trained to handle and deploy response and recovery to various types of emergency situations that could affect our community. Emergency Management will also provide education and information to help residents and first responders to prepare for and mitigate situations.

Types of Calls Responded to

Some types of calls that Emergency Management should be notified of include, but are not limited to:

Le Sueur County Emergency Management

  • Bomb threats/Suspicious packages
  • Explosions
  • Hazardous materials (fixed facility or transportation)
  • Mass fatalities/casualties
  • Missing persons
  • Natural disasters
  • Pipeline incidents
  • Plane crashes
  • Public health emergencies
  • School incidents that require several agencies’ response
  • Terrorist related incidents
  • Any other incidents that require evacuations

Types of Assistance Provided

Assistance that could be provided at the scene:

  • Assist in command post operations, including communications
  • Assist in media releases/press briefings and be the point of contact for local media
  • Assist Incident Commander in:
    • command area
    • logistics
    • operations
    • planning
    • staging or
    • other areas that need support
  • Coordinate facilities/areas for responders to take breaks
  • Liaison with outside agencies and volunteers. I could brief them on the incident on how they can be used in the response
  • Point of Contact for the American Red Cross or Salvation Army to feed the responders and/or public
  • Registering/Check-in and check-out responders and volunteers that are on-scene
  • Set up and use NIMS at the incident