Shoreland Alterations: Grading, Excavating, & Filling

Before you start your shoreland grading, excavating, and/or filling project(s), please contact the Le Sueur County Environmental Services at 507-357-8538.  Depending on the type of project you will either need to apply for a Land Alteration Plan (LAP) or a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

Any Grading, Excavating, and Filling projects that are 10 cubic yards or less within the Shore Impact Zone and/or Bluff Impact Zone and that is 50 cubic yards or less within Shoreland requires a Land Alteration Plan.  Any projects that are over the the quantities mentioned above will require a Conditional Use Permit (MN State Statutue 6120.3300 Zoning Provisions, Subp.4 and the Le Sueur County Ordinance Section 13.1 and Section 13.2 Subdivision 2).

If your project requires a Land Alteration Plan, please fill out the document located below and send the completed form to the Environmental Services Department for approval.  There is an additional worksheet located below to help landowners/contractors calculate cubic yards for grading, excavating, and filling activities.  Please contact the Environmental Services Department if you have any questions about the LAP or worksheet.

Land Alteration Plan (pdf)

Land Alteration Plan (pdf fillable form)

Grading, Excavating, and Filling Worksheet

Ordinance revisions are set to take place on June 1, 2021 to exclude riprap from the grading, excavating, and filling definition, and require live cuttings, plant plugs, or other native vegetation plantings to be installed in conjunction with the riprap.  Riprap will now be considered a permit use as long as all requirements and standards are met.  If you have additional grading, excavating, and filling activities that needed prior to installing riprap, you will still be limited up to 10 cubic yards to be considered a permitted use.  Please visit the Riprap page, to learn more.

If your project requires a Conditional Use Permit, please visit the Boards & Commissions-Planning & Zoning Commission page.  Additionally, you will need to set up an appointment with the Planning and Zoning Department (507-357-8538) to discuss the Conditional Use Permit process.

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