Shoreland Alterations: Vegetation

Advantages of Preservation

Advantages of preserving natural vegetation include:

  • Maintaining habitat for fish and wildlife
  • Preserving the aesthetic value of the shoreline
  • Protecting water quality
  • Providing privacy
  • Reducing erosion

Before Altering Vegetation

Before you alter (plant, remove, and/or replace) vegetation within shoreland areas, please contact the Le Sueur County Environmental Services at 507-357-8538.  

The removal or alteration of vegetation is subject to the following standards:

  • Intensive vegetation clearing is not allowed within the shore and bluff impact zones.
  • In bluff and shore impact zones and on steep slopes, limited clearing of trees and shrubs and cutting and trimming of trees is allowed to provide a view to the water from the principal dwelling site and to accommodate the placement of stairways and landings.

If your vegetation alteration needs approval from the Environmental Services Department, please complete the Land Alteration Plan located below.    

Land Alteration Plan-Shoreland

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