Shoreland Alterations: Vegetation

Advantages of Preservation

Advantages of preserving natural vegetation include:

  • Maintaining habitat for fish and wildlife
  • Preserving the aesthetic value of the shoreline
  • Protecting water quality
  • Providing privacy
  • Reducing erosion

Before Removing Vegetation

Before you remove trees, shrubs or brush in shoreland areas, contact Le Sueur County Environmental Services at 507-357-8538 to apply for a vegetative alteration permit.

The removal or alteration of vegetation is subject to the following standards:

  • Intensive vegetation clearing is not allowed within the shore and bluff impact zones.
  • In bluff and shore impact zones and on steep slopes, limited clearing of trees and shrubs and cutting and trimming of trees is allowed to provide a view to the water from the principal dwelling site and to accommodate the placement of stairways and landings.

Read the Shoreland Ordinance (PDF).