Solid Waste Program

As part of Tri-County Solid Waste Joint Powers Board (Le Sueur, Nicollet, and Sibley Counties), the Board is required to prepare a ten-year solid waste plan. Solid waste management plans are required by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The plans are to encourage regional planning and to reflect demographic, geographic, regional, and solid waste system differences that exist among the counties.

Solid Waste Plan

The solid waste plan shall include:

  • Content: the proposed integrated solid waste management system that will be developed and implemented in the county. Each system shall be designed to achieve the most feasible and prudent reduction in the need for and practice of land disposal of mixed municipal solid waste.
  • The county shall develop and describe the goals of its proposed integrated solid waste management system over the ten-year planning period. The goals shall be consistent with the policy contained in Minnesota Statutes, section 115A02, paragraph (a).
  • Objectives: The county shall describe the specific and quantifiable means, including policies and programs that will be implemented to achieve the goals developed and described.

Tri-County Solid Waste Joint Powers Board and Region Nine Development Commission in Mankato have completed the ten-year solid waste plan. The plan is currently unapproved and on public notice with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as of November 6, 2013 to December 6, 2013.