Watershed Management

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Watershed Health

The Minnesota DNR has developed a Watershed Health Assessment Framework Tool.  This is a resource for local decision makers, local government units, state agencies, federal agencies, and the general public to utilize in order to have a better understanding of Minnesota's natural resources conditions, challenges, and opportunities in order to improve the overall health of Minnesota's watersheds.  

Le Sueur County has the following major watersheds:

  • Lower Minnesota River
  • Cannon River
  • Minnesota River-Mankato
  • Le Sueur River

To view the tool please click on the following link: Watershed Health Assessment Tool

The State of Minnesota requires every county to adopt a local water management plan. The plan addresses land use decisions across the county that will help with local goals and priorities to improve and protect surface and groundwater resources.

Please visit the Local Water Management Plan page to learn more about Le Sueur County's Local Water Management efforts and to view the most current Local Water Management Plan.

In 2015, the state of Minnesota shifted it's efforts towards a watershed wide approach when working with watershed management priorities, goals, and implementation activities.  Numerous local government units, state and federal agencies, as well as other stakeholders work together to develop a 10 year Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan know as One Watershed One Plan (1W1P).  The idea is to work on a major watershed scale which in return should be more effective in improving, restoring, and protecting our resources. Le Sueur County has four major watersheds: Cannon River, Middle Minnesota River, Lower Minnesota River, and Le Sueur River

Currently, Le Sueur County has one approved One Watershed One Plan.  To find out more about this plan and what the goals and priorities are for the Cannon River Watershed, please visit the Cannon River One Watershed One Plan page.

Additionally, Le Sueur County is in the very early stages of planning efforts for the Lower Minnesota River East One Watershed One Plan.  The Lower Minnesota River East Partnership is hosting a public kick off meeting for the Lower Minnesota River East One Watershed One Plan!  The purpose of the kickoff meeting is gather public input on issues and priorities within the watershed.  These priority issues and resources will help guide the Partnership on where to focus efforts for management, implementation activities, and education/outreach for the watershed.  To find out where the partnership is in the planning process, please visit the Lower Minnesota River East One Watershed One Plan page.

One Watershed One Plan

If you would like more information about the One Watershed One Plan program, please visit the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) website (located below) or watch a video (located above).