Breastfeeding Support

View the Le Sueur County Public Health Breastfeeding Policy (PDF)

Breastfeeding Support Resources

  • ECHO (Emergency, Communication, Health and Outreach) Breastfeeding Your Baby Videos - These are short videos in different languages that cover the importance of breastfeeding, techniques and tips to successfully breastfeed. Languages include Somali, Hmong, Spanish, English and others.
  • Lactation Education Resources - Simple handouts for parents and varied breastfeeding topics.
  • Lactation Services provided through Le Sueur County Public Health - One-on-one lactation assessments and consultations, breastfeeding info and support. Call Public Health at 507-357-8246.
  • Stanford Website - View pictures and videos on latching, positioning, hand expression, and other breastfeeding techniques.


See a list of several groups that aid in the support of breastfeeding through the Resource Directory.

Minnesota Law Protecting Breastfeeding

Workplace Support for Breastfeeding

The 2003 State of Minnesota Statute 181.939 Nursing Mother describes an employer's responsibility to allow a nursing mother time to express breast milk each day when at work.

Breastfeeding Is Not Considered Indecent Exposure

The 2003 State of Minnesota Statute 617.23, subdivision 4 indicates that breastfeeding is not a violation of the indecent exposure statute.