Geographic Information System (GIS)


The Geographic Information System (GIS) Department was developed under the direction of the County Board to centralize tax and land information into an all-encompassing graphical data set for the benefit of the public and local government. GIS systems integrates information from multiple sources into a powerful tool, and facilitates efficient and effective decision making by government officials on:


Geographic Information Systems develops and maintains the countywide GIS, comprised of a multitude of statistical and geographic data. The department maintains all geographic specific hardware and software and provides training to County departments on their use and implementation.

  • Maintains land parcel information for Le Sueur County.  
  • Maintain NG911 Addressing System.
  • Deliver and facilitate GIS data to stakeholders.
  • Maintain Beacon interactive online map.
  • Retain historical geographic data and keep it as a system of record.

Training Video