Hiking is allowed in all Le Sueur County Parks. The most popular county parks for walking or hiking are the following:

Bradshaw Woods

Bradshaw Woods has nearly a half mile trail loop that is used in the winter months by hikers, walkers, and occasional mountain bikers in the summer. The park is a fantastic location to enjoy the native big woods and trails while staying close to Le Center. View the Trail Map (JPG).

Lake Washington Regional Park

Lake Washington Regional Park has 3.5 miles of mowed or natural trails that are used by hikers or walkers. The park features a large variety of trails, whether through the woods, along the ravine of Shanaska Creek, or the edge of farmland. View the Trail Map (PDF).

Ney Nature Center

Ney Nature Center has approximately 6 miles of the best trails that you can find along the Minnesota River Valley. The trails go through a wide variety of landscapes, terrains, and elevations. For the latest trail conditions, please check their Facebook Page or call their office at 507-357-8580. View the Summer Trail Map (PDF).

Rays Lake Park

Rays Lake Park has.75 miles of mowed trails around the perimeter of the park that is used by walkers and hikers.

Richter Woods

Richter Woods has 2.5 miles of trails within the park that are used in the summer months by hikers, walkers, and occasional mountain bikers.With the flat terrain, trails, and scenery of the big woods, Richter Woods is a hidden gem for people looking to get out and explore the woods. View the Trail Map (PDF).