County Trails

Le Sueur County Parks maintains nearly 15 miles of trails within its county parks, including: 

  • Groomed and Ungroomed Cross Country Ski Trails
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Snowshoe
  • Walking

Bradshaw Woods

There is almost a half mile of trails within Bradshaw Woods. The trails through the woods are either mowed or on natural terrain, providing a good location for a short walk or hike in the woods. View the Trail Map (JPG).

Lake Washington Regional Park

The park features 3.5 miles of trails on varying levels of terrain. All of the trails are either mowed or on natural terrain. You can hike the Dock Trail, Shanaska Creek Trail, or Washington Woods trail for scenic views through the woods and along water, with a few small hills. The remaining trails are all mowed and relatively wide and flat. View the Trail Map and Descriptions (PDF).

Ney Nature Center

The several miles of trails within this park will rival any trails that you can find in southern Minnesota. In the summer months you can find mowed trails on easy terrain along the Field Trail, Prairie Loop, White Oak Loop, and around the old farmstead. The Arm, Ravine, Stagecoach, and Windmill trails will provide a hike through the woods and up and down valleys and ravines. In the winter months, you can find marked cross country ski trails groomed for classic skiing within the park and other trails marked for snowshoeing or hiking. Located northwest of the main entrance across Highway 19 is the Ney Mountain Bike Trail, which features a 1 mile trail loop for biking.

Richter Woods

In the big woods you can find 2.5 miles of trails that can be used for walking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or snowshoeing. The trails are either on mowed grass or through natural terrain in the woods. View the Trail Map (PDF).

State Trails

Within Le Sueur County, the Minnesota DNR owns and maintains the Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail. The trail is a 39 mile paved trail that stretches from Mankato to Faribault, and crosses Le Sueur County from west of Elysian to east of Waterville. View the Trail Map (PDF).