Items Accepted into Jail

  • Books and Magazines - all books and magazines brought in will become property of the Le Sueur County Jail.
  • Games - any brand new unopened board game will be accepted with the discretion of the Le Sueur County Jail Staff. Any game not meeting the standards of the Jail may be refused.
  • Greeting Cards - basic greeting cards will be accepted. Greeting cards that could be viewed as inappropriate or a threat to jail will be refused.
  • Library Books or School Books - all library books and school books may leave with the inmate upon release.
  • Money (cash or money order)
  • Photographs - photographs will be allowed on printer paper, there will be a maximum of 6 photographs allowed in an inmate's cell at one time. No explicit or inappropriate photographs will be allowed. Any pictures not meeting the standards of the jail will be refused.
  • Stamps & Envelopes

Every Item is at the discretion of the Jail staff; if it is not on this list it is not accepted. The only item that will be accepted into the Jail without going through the U.S. Postal Service is cash and/or Money Orders. Anything received by the Jail via the U.S. Mail that Jail Staff views as possible contraband will be immediately returned to sender.

Sending Mail

When sending mail to an inmate, address letters and packages as follows:
Le Sueur County Jail
(Inmate's Name)
435 E Derrynane Street, STE 1100
Le Center, MN 56057