Voicemail & Phone Cards


Messages are not taken for inmates at the Le Sueur County Jail. If you wish to leave a message for an inmate, you can call the inmate message system at 507-216-4906.

Phone Cards

Inmates may purchase phone cards through our canteen for $21.90 (tax included). Friends/family may purchase a phone card for an inmate by visiting the Reliance Telephone website. Our phone system only accepts these phone cards. Other types of phone cards will not work with our inmate phone system. Collect calling may be set up for inmates by calling 800-896-3201.

Sending Money

To send money to an inmate so that they may purchase a card, make safe and secure web deposits through the Inmate Canteen. You can also send them cash or a money order via postal mail. Learn more about sending mail on the Mail page.