Sheriff's Mounted Posse

The Le Sueur County Sheriff’s Posse is an organization of volunteers who have been trained to assist the County Sheriff as deemed appropriate in duties that may include search and rescue, patrol at local events, public relations, and parade appearances.

Our local posse works in cooperation with the Minnesota Sheriff’s Mounted Posse Association to promote civic responsibility and by participating in several fundraising events that are able to provide scholarships for our youth. The Posse continuously strives to raise funds to facilitate opportunities for the youth of Le Sueur County.


  1. General Membership
  2. Honorary Membership
  3. Social Membership
  4. Sheriff's Office Membership
  • Sheriff Brett V.P. Mason
  • Captain Danny O'Keefe
  • 1st Lieutenant Dave Fahrenkamp
  • 2nd Lieutenant Tyrel Peterson
  • Sgt./Arms Pat Holicky
  • Warrant Officer Nick Greenig
  • Warrant Officer Emily O'Brien
  • Joe Barber
  • Dave Barton 
  • Dede Barton
  • Brandon Beer
  • Lee Berninghaus 
  • Nate Blaschko
  • Rusty Blaschko 
  • Craig Colling
  • Derek Hagene
  • Ryan Halloran
  • Frank Heldberg
  • Aaron Holicky
  • Jason Holicky
  • Travis Holtz
  • Nate Holtz 
  • J.B. Lockie 
  • Brian Schmidt
  • Shane Sinell 
  • Steve Widmer
  • Tim Widmer


Want to become a member of the Le Sueur County Mounted Posse? Please complete the Mounted Posse Membership Application (PDF) and email it to Sheriff Brett V.P. Mason.

Events Held

The Mounted Posse holds the following events each year: