Did you receive an envelope that looks like this?


Please note this is from “The Center for Voter Information.” This is not from Le Sueur County nor the state of Minnesota.
NPTE: The Center for Voter Information is a legitimate, non-partisan, registered entity; if you completed the form and returned it by mail, there is no cause for concern. It will be processed by the County in a standard procedure.

If anyone was concerned about receiving it, they should contact the Center for Voter Information to be removed from their mailing listsby clicking here. (Their info would have been obtained from the Secretary of State’s office.)

Any mailing from Le Sueur County comes in a Le Sueur County envelope. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we highly encourage voters to apply for an absentee ballot online or via the mail.

Responsible for overseeing Federal, State and Local elections, Le Sueur County also assists cities and school districts within the county in the election process. For available services and questions related to voting and elections, the following pages provide more information.