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Location & Population

Le Sueur County is located in south central Minnesota, approximately 60 miles south of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan area. The city of Le Center is the County Seat. The county covers an area of about 467 square miles (303,000 acres - 82% which is farmland). The county's population as of the 2020 Census is 28,674. 


Agriculture and related businesses and industries represent an important element of the county's economy. Le Sueur County is a major producer of agricultural commodities in Minnesota. The major crops and livestock species include: 

  • Soybeans (99,778 acres - 2017)
  • Corn (95,406 acres - 2017)
  • Turkeys (101,014 - 2017)
  • Hogs (98,131 - 2017)
  • Cattle (13,173 - 2017)

The county also produces significant amounts of hay, canning crops and small grain. Crops account for 64% of state agriculture sales. In 2017, (the latest data available) Le Sueur County had 937 operational farms. In 2015, farmers reported harvesting 18,426,000 bushels of corn and 5,213,000 bushels of soybeans.


Le Sueur County has eight school districts within the county. The school districts of Le Sueur-Henderson, Cleveland, Tri-City United (Montgomery-Lonsdale-Le Center), and Waterville-Elysian-Morristown are all headquartered in Le Sueur County. The remaining four districts of Belle Plaine, Mankato, New Prague, and St. Peter are headquartered in different counties, but have students living within Le Sueur County.