Adult Foster Care

Adults may be placed in a licensed foster home if they cannot live alone safely because of disabilities or poor health. The foster home provides an alternative for adults who need daily help but want to live in a family setting rather than a nursing home or other facility. The adult foster care provider provides lodging, meals, companionship, personal care assistance, medication administration, and 24-hour supervision. The provider may be individuals, couples, or larger families.

 Adult foster care providers are primary caregivers for adults who cannot live alone. Adult foster care is provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services through Le Sueur County.

 Foster homes are typically family-sized homes that care for up to four qualifying adults. The home can be operated by a family or an individual. It may also be operated by a corporation or business partner. Licensed providers can choose to provide a variation of foster care that can include:

  • Long term:  provide a “forever home” for an indefinite period of time 
  • Short term:  provide a home for a limited or short period of time 
  • Respite:  provide care for a few hours, days or weeks to relieve those doing the job full-time 
  • Day Care:  care and supervision during the day for seniors who need the assistance. 

Visit How to Become Licensed to learn more about the process to become licensed.