Report Child Maltreatment

Forms and Information

Reporter Information is Confidential

Reporter’s names, address, phone number, relationship, and other identifying information is considered confidential and can not be released without a court order.

Mandated reporters should:

Call 911

If a child is in immediate danger, call emergency services. Do not delay.

Make a report

Call 507-357-8228 within 24 hours and personally file a written report (see links above) within 72 hours of the verbal report (excluding weekends and holidays). Urgent reports can be made after business hours by contacting Le Sueur County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 507-357-8151 and requesting to speak with the On-Call Social Worker. 

Consequences of inaction

Failure by a mandated reporter to report suspected abuse or neglect is a misdemeanor-level crime. If failure to report results in substantial bodily harm, it is a gross misdemeanor. If the child dies, it is a felony.


As a mandated reporter, your name is confidential, accessible only if you consent, by a court order or by a court procedure. If the child protection report results in a court hearing, you may be asked to testify.

Learn the outcome

Once a report is made, it is screened by a team of child protection professionals within 24 hours. The report is screened to determine if any allegations meet criteria for possible abuse or neglect. If screened in, the report is then assessed using a family assessment or family investigation response. If the reporter provides their contact information, our agency will provide them with a letter indicating the outcome of the report.