Child Welfare Case Management

Areas of service include the following:

  1. Case Management
  2. Mothers and Pregnant Women
  3. Parenting Classes
  4. Family Group Decision Making

Help with Parenting Issues/Techniques
Case management can help parents to connect to support groups and services, provide consultation, and develop plans to meet goals for the parents and children.

Le Sueur County offers child welfare case management services on a voluntary basis. These services are designed to work with families in a variety of areas from parenting and development to housing, transportation and general household management. Child welfare case management often includes referrals to other community services and is intended as a short-term intervention that will have long-term positive results. Child Welfare services are available to parents and children in Le Sueur County to improve relationships between family members and to ensure the safety and well-being of children within families. Services are provided to minor parents, families of children who are truant from school and/or running away from home, families experiencing severe parent/child conflict and families in need of assistance as a result of their own or other child's special needs.

Call Le Sueur County to make a referral for child welfare case management services at 507-357-8288.