Parent Support Outreach Program (PSOP)

What is PSOP?

The Parent Support Outreach Program is a voluntary program that provides short-term help to parents to access resources and provide education about such things as housing, transportation, parent education, child development, activities, child care, safety planning, employment and other services.

Who is eligible for Parent Support Outreach Program?

Anyone who is a resident of Le Sueur County and has a child 10 years old or younger in the family is eligible for Parent Support Outreach Services.

How do I get connected to Parent Support Outreach Program?

Anyone working with children and families can make a referral by contacting Le Sueur County Social Services Intake at 507-357-8288. The intake worker will collect their information for a referral to Justin Coates, Parent Support Outreach Specialist for Le Sueur County, at 507-357-8116.

What can I expect from Parent Support Outreach Program?

This program focuses on a family’s strengths and needs. This program is about working with parents who want to do what’s best for their kids. It’s about connecting with community resources that provide the specific kinds of help families want and need.

Families work with a case manager from Le Sueur County to develop a plan to meet their specific goals and needs.

Getting help, even for a short period of time, can make a big difference.

Our Hope is to Help

  • Face the challenges of parenting.
  • Work together to solve concerns.
  • Access useful resources and services.
  • Build on strengths of communities and families.
  • Meet the current, specific needs of the family.
  • Help families through a stressful situation.

The Parent Support Outreach Program helps families in many ways, including:

  •  Helps families build connections with relatives, friends and community members
  • Supports families in their efforts to provide healthy, nurturing homes free of abuse and neglect
  • Uses limited funds in creative ways to best meet families' needs
  • Gives workers access to a flexible fund to help families meet their needs, such as utility and rental assistance, car repairs, clothing and grocery vouchers, and school supplies
  • Provides funds for therapeutic services such as in-home family counseling or parent education, or helps pay for outpatient counseling or chemical dependency treatment
  • Helps families pay for after-school programs for children, gym memberships, child care costs, family recreational opportunities, or other services that enhance child and family well-being.