Le Sueur County Ordinance Shoreland Definitions 

Ordinary High Water Level (OHWL) is defined in section 4 of the Le Sueur County Ordinance as the boundary of public waters and wetlands, that is an elevation delineating the highest water level which has been maintained for a sufficient period of time to leave evidence upon the landscape, commonly that point where the natural vegetation changes from predominantely aquatic to predominately terrestrial. 

 MN DNR Shoreland History

Shoreland Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Shoreland BMPs are used to help reduce impacts from nature and humans that cause erosion and runoff, and as a result, improve water quality.  These practices are important because they reduce pollutants/contaminants that would otherwise enter water resource(s), increase water infiltration,and increase habitat.  To find out more about the different types of Shoreland Best Management Practices that are available, please review the document below.

Shoreland Best Management Practices


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